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Wednesday, February 21, 2018
What SMI Can Do for You...

We at Southern Metalcraft have made it our top priority since 1974 to deliver on time to our customers the highest quality parts. Because of this commitment we’re constantly evaluating and upgrading our fabrication equipment to best serve our customers. The most current software packages for job control and engineering coupled with advanced fabrication machinery are the tools we use to help us meet your needs.

If you’re looking for a full service custom sheet metal fabricating shop that can handle the simple as well as complex, with shorter lead times, Southern Metalcraft is just the shop. Contact us for more detailed information about what we can do for you.
Our Capabilities:
From quoting to delivery to invoicing, our niche in the custom fabrication market is service! Our customer service representatives handle individual daily account management: quoting, communication and final pricing.  Learn More >>   
Over 40 Years of Service...
Full service fabrication
Complicated fabrication & welding
Stainless Steel Welding
Precision Bending
Quick & On-time Delivery
Quality Product the First Time

In The News:
Southern Metalcraft

Press brake training: Passing the torch
How one press brake guru is passing on knowledge to the next generation

Southern Metalcraft Inc.’s press brake veteran will be retiring at the end of 2016, and he is now passing the torch to someone who never worked on a press brake until 2009. So how did the rookie learn so quickly? Technical aptitude plays a role. But more important than that, the veteran and rookie get along and just work well together. Read Full Article...

Honoring time and trust:
Southern Metalcraft’s secret for hiring and keeping good people

Time and trust: When you strip away everything in business, that’s basically what you have. Employees want their time at work to be productive, plus sufficient and predictable time off so they can plan and live their lives; customers want to spend as little time as possible waiting for a product. Similarly, employees want to be rewarded for their time and paid a competitive wage; customers want to pay a competitive price for that time. Binding it all together is trust. When a fabricator has all this, perhaps it has a better chance of finding and keeping good people. Read Full Article...    

Our Technology:

We utilize the most up-to-date computer aided design available in the industry today.

Our Equipment:

We believe that the production of a quality product requires quality machinery.


SMI is conveniently located just 6.5 miles from I-285... 15 miles east of Atlanta, Georgia.

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